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Index of Concepts: S – Z

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Index Entry Section

saving an object2.9 DAO Usage
schema creation2.7 Table and Schema Creation
schema generation5.1 Spring Configuration
schema upgrade4.5 Upgrading Your Schema
select arguments3.6 Using Select Arguments
select columns3.4 QueryBuilder Capabilities
sequences2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
Serializable2.2 Persisted Data Types
setting up the DAO2.4 Setting Up the DAOs
setting up your classes2.1 Setting Up Your Classes
short2.2 Persisted Data Types
simple connection source2.3 Connection Sources
simple example7.1 JDBC Examples
soft reference cache5.8 Object Caches
spring example7.1 JDBC Examples
spring examples5.1 Spring Configuration
spring framework5.1 Spring Configuration
spring wire a class5.2 Class Configuration
sql ?3.6 Using Select Arguments
sql argument logging5.5 ORMLite Logging
SQL Date type2.2 Persisted Data Types
SQL injection bugs3.6 Using Select Arguments
SQL Server database2.5 Supported Databases
SQL statements, raw2.11 Issuing Raw SQL Statements
SQL Timestamp type2.2 Persisted Data Types
SQL type2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
SQLExceptionDao4.4 Runtime Versus SQL Exceptions
sqlite alter table4.5 Upgrading Your Schema
SQLite database2.5 Supported Databases
starting code1.4 Code Example
startup optimization4.2 Using Table Config File
statement builder3. Custom Statement Builder
statement builder5.4 DAO Methods
storing custom data types5.11 Custom Data Type Persisters
String2.2 Persisted Data Types
string byte array2.2 Persisted Data Types
string quoting in queries3.6 Using Select Arguments
STRING_BYTES2.2 Persisted Data Types
sub-queries3.5 Where Capabilities
SUM, using2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
supported databasesORMLite

table columns comparing3.7 Using Column Arguments
table config file4.2 Using Table Config File
table creation2.7 Table and Schema Creation
TableCreator2.7.2 TableCreator Class
TableCreator5.1 Spring Configuration
TableUtils2.7.1 TableUtils Class
throwIfNull2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
time row last modified2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
Timestamp, SQL type2.2 Persisted Data Types
TransactionManager5.7 Using Database Transactions
transactions5.7 Using Database Transactions
types that are persisted2.2 Persisted Data Types

unicode strings, storing2.2 Persisted Data Types
unique constraint2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
unique constraint2.1.2 Using javax.persistence Annotations
unique index creation2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
unique index name2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
unique, multiple fields2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
uniqueCombo2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
unknownEnumName2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
unknownEnumName2.2 Persisted Data Types
unknownEnumName2.2 Persisted Data Types
update an object id5.4 DAO Methods
update builder5.4 DAO Methods
update custom statement5.4 DAO Methods
update identity of object2.8.1 Fields With id
update with raw sql2.11.2 Issuing Raw Update Statements
updateBuilder3.3 Building Statements
updateId2.8.1 Fields With id
updating an object2.9 DAO Usage
updating an object5.4 DAO Methods
updating database schema4.5 Upgrading Your Schema
upgrading database schema4.5 Upgrading Your Schema
upgrading from previous versions6. Upgrade From Old Versions
usage example2.6 Tying It All Together
use with Android OS4. Using With Android
use with external data source2.3 Connection Sources
useGetSet2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
using get and set methods2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
using the DAOs2.9 DAO Usage
UUID native db support2.2 Persisted Data Types
UUID type2.2 Persisted Data Types
UUID_NATIVE type2.2 Persisted Data Types

VARCHAR string2.2 Persisted Data Types
Version annotation2.1.2 Using javax.persistence Annotations
version field2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
versions, upgrading6. Upgrade From Old Versions

weak reference cache5.8 Object Caches
where3.1 Query Builder Basics
where method3.4 QueryBuilder Capabilities
where methods3.5 Where Capabilities
where to get new jars1.1 Downloading ORMLite Jar
width of field2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
width of field2.1.2 Using javax.persistence Annotations
wrapped iterable2.9 DAO Usage
wrapped iterable5.4 DAO Methods
writing an object2.9 DAO Usage

Xerial SQLite driver2.5 Supported Databases

Zentus SQLite driver2.5 Supported Databases

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