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Index of Concepts: M – R

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many to many example7.1 JDBC Examples
ManyToOne annotation2.1.2 Using javax.persistence Annotations
map raw query objects2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
map select starquery5.4 DAO Methods
matching object5.4 DAO Methods
matching object5.4 DAO Methods
maven configuration5.9 Configuring a Maven Project
max eager foreign collection level2.13 Foreign Collections
max foreign auto-refresh level2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
max function2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
Microsoft ODBC database2.5 Supported Databases
Microsoft SQL Server database2.5 Supported Databases
modification date field2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
modified last field2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
multiple fields unique2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
MySQL database2.5 Supported Databases

name of database column2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
naming a unique index2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
naming an index2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
native queries2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
ne3.5 Where Capabilities
Netezza database2.5 Supported Databases
no argument constructor2.1.3 Adding a No-Argument-Constructor
not equal to, SQL3.5 Where Capabilities
NOT IN sub-query, SQL3.5 Where Capabilities
NOT IN, SQL3.5 Where Capabilities
NOT IN, SQL3.5 Where Capabilities
NOT, SQL3.5 Where Capabilities
null comparison, SQL3.5 Where Capabilities
null comparison, SQL3.5 Where Capabilities
null value allowed2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
null value allowed2.1.2 Using javax.persistence Annotations
null values and primitives2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations

object cache5.8 Object Caches
object cache, clear5.4 DAO Methods
object cache, enable5.4 DAO Methods
object mapping for select star5.4 DAO Methods
object relational mappingORMLite
ODBC database2.5 Supported Databases
offset3.4 QueryBuilder Capabilities
OneToOne annotation2.1.2 Using javax.persistence Annotations
open source license9. ISC Open Source License
optional generated-id2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
OR, SQL3.5 Where Capabilities
Oracle database2.5 Supported Databases
order by columns3.4 QueryBuilder Capabilities
order by raw SQL3.4 QueryBuilder Capabilities
ORDER BY, SQL3.2 Building Queries
ordered foreign collection2.13 Foreign Collections
other data sources2.3 Connection Sources
overriding how data is stored5.11 Custom Data Type Persisters

parse format2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
partial fields returned3.4 QueryBuilder Capabilities
persist objects2.2 Persisted Data Types
persisted field2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
persisted types2.2 Persisted Data Types
persisting an object2.9 DAO Usage
pooled connection source2.3 Connection Sources
Postgres database2.5 Supported Databases
prepare the query3.4 QueryBuilder Capabilities
prepared statement3.1 Query Builder Basics
primary key field2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
primary key field2.1.2 Using javax.persistence Annotations
primitive null values2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations

query arguments3.6 Using Select Arguments
query builder5.4 DAO Methods
query builder basics3.1 Query Builder Basics
query for aggregate functions3.4 QueryBuilder Capabilities
query for all5.4 DAO Methods
query for all raw5.4 DAO Methods
query for field value map5.4 DAO Methods
query for first5.4 DAO Methods
query for id2.9 DAO Usage
query for id5.4 DAO Methods
query for matching object5.4 DAO Methods
query for matching object5.4 DAO Methods
query for number2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
query for objects5.4 DAO Methods
query for single value5.4 DAO Methods
query raw columns3.4 QueryBuilder Capabilities
query single number2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
QueryBuilder methods3.4 QueryBuilder Capabilities
QueryBuilder, raw queries2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
queryForAllRaw2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
queryForEq5.4 DAO Methods
queryForFieldValues5.4 DAO Methods
queryForFieldValuesArgs5.4 DAO Methods
queryForMatching5.4 DAO Methods
queryForMatchingArgs5.4 DAO Methods
queryForSameId5.4 DAO Methods
querying for foreign fields2.12 Foreign Object Fields
quotes in queries3.6 Using Select Arguments

raw columns, query3.4 QueryBuilder Capabilities
raw execute statements2.11.3 Issuing Raw Execute Statements
raw queries2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
raw query object[]2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
raw query using QueryBuilder2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
raw row mapper2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
raw row mapper2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
raw select statements5.4 DAO Methods
raw SQL statements2.11 Issuing Raw SQL Statements
raw update statements2.11.2 Issuing Raw Update Statements
raw where statement3.5 Where Capabilities
RawResults2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
read only fields2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
ReferenceObjectCache5.8 Object Caches
refreshing an object2.9 DAO Usage
refreshing an object5.4 DAO Methods
refreshing foreign objects2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
refreshing foreign objects2.12 Foreign Object Fields
remote objects2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
remove tables2.7.1 TableUtils Class
reset Where object3.5 Where Capabilities
ResultSet mapping2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
reusing DAOs2.4 Setting Up the DAOs
reverse polish notation3.2 Building Queries
roll back5.7 Using Database Transactions
row mapping for select star5.4 DAO Methods
row versioning2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
RPN queries3.2 Building Queries
RuntimeExceptionDao4.4 Runtime Versus SQL Exceptions

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