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Index of Concepts: D – F

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DAO1.3 Configuring a DAO
dao enabled objects2.14 DAO Enabled Objects
dao factory5.1 Spring Configuration
Dao interface2.4 Setting Up the DAOs
dao methods5.4 DAO Methods
DAO setup2.4 Setting Up the DAOs
DAO usage2.9 DAO Usage
DaoManager2.4 Setting Up the DAOs
DaoManager class1.3 Configuring a DAO
data access objects1.3 Configuring a DAO
data persister example7.1 JDBC Examples
data source2.3 Connection Sources
data type2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
database config file4.2 Using Table Config File
database connection2.3 Connection Sources
database not supported2.5 Supported Databases
database notes2.5 Supported Databases
database open helper wiring4.1 Android Basics
database schema upgrade4.5 Upgrading Your Schema
database sequences2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
database specific code5.3 Database Specific Code
database transactions5.7 Using Database Transactions
database type5.3 Database Specific Code
DatabaseField annotation2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
DatabaseResults mapping2.11.1 Issuing Raw Queries
databases supportedORMLite
DatabaseTable annotation2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
DataSourceConnectionSource2.3 Connection Sources
Date2.2 Persisted Data Types
date formats2.2 Persisted Data Types
date row last modified2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
Date, SQL type2.2 Persisted Data Types
DateTime Joda type2.2 Persisted Data Types
DB2 database2.5 Supported Databases
default value2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
delete builder5.4 DAO Methods
delete custom statement5.4 DAO Methods
delete multiple objects5.4 DAO Methods
delete objects by id5.4 DAO Methods
delete rows in table2.7.1 TableUtils Class
delete tables2.7.1 TableUtils Class
deleteBuilder3.3 Building Statements
deleting an object2.9 DAO Usage
deleting an object5.4 DAO Methods
deleting by ID5.4 DAO Methods
Derby database2.5 Supported Databases
destroy data source2.3 Connection Sources
different databases2.5 Supported Databases
distinct3.4 QueryBuilder Capabilities
does id exist already5.4 DAO Methods
don’t insert field2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
double2.2 Persisted Data Types
droid support4. Using With Android
drop tables2.7.1 TableUtils Class
drop tables5.1 Spring Configuration

eager load collections2.13 Foreign Collections
eager versus lazy collection2.13 Foreign Collections
empty foreign collection2.13 Foreign Collections
empty foreign collection5.4 DAO Methods
enable object cache5.4 DAO Methods
Entity annotation2.1.2 Using javax.persistence Annotations
Enum integer2.2 Persisted Data Types
Enum string2.2 Persisted Data Types
enumerated name unknown2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
enumerated types2.2 Persisted Data Types
enumerated types2.2 Persisted Data Types
equals, SQL3.5 Where Capabilities
escaping arguments3.6 Using Select Arguments
examples of code7. Example Code
exceptions, runtime4.4 Runtime Versus SQL Exceptions
execute native SQL2.11 Issuing Raw SQL Statements
execute raw sql statements2.11.3 Issuing Raw Execute Statements
executing raw select statements5.4 DAO Methods
EXISTS, SQL3.5 Where Capabilities
external data sources2.3 Connection Sources
external dependencies5.6 External Dependencies

field access using getters and setters2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
field configuration example7.1 JDBC Examples
field indexes2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
field not inserted2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
field read only2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
field type2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
field width2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
field width2.1.2 Using javax.persistence Annotations
float2.2 Persisted Data Types
foreign auto refresh2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
foreign collection column name2.13 Foreign Collections
foreign collection, empty5.4 DAO Methods
foreign collection, ordered2.13 Foreign Collections
foreign collections2.13 Foreign Collections
foreign collections example7.1 JDBC Examples
foreign column name2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
foreign field querying2.12 Foreign Object Fields
foreign object refreshing2.12 Foreign Object Fields
foreign object, auto create2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
foreign object, auto refresh2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
foreign objects2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
foreign objects2.12 Foreign Object Fields
foreign objects example7.1 JDBC Examples
foreign objects, creating2.12 Foreign Object Fields
foreignAutoCreate2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
ForeignCollectionField annotation2.13 Foreign Collections
format, field2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
full column definition2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations
fullColumnDefinition2.1.1 Adding ORMLite Annotations

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