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Version 5.1 – February 2018

ORMLite provides a lightweight Object Relational Mapping between Java classes and SQL databases. There are certainly more mature ORMs which provide this functionality including Hibernate and iBatis. However, the author wanted a simple yet powerful wrapper around the JDBC functions, and Hibernate and iBatis are significantly more complicated with many dependencies.

ORMLite supports JDBC connections to MySQL, Postgres, H2, SQLite, Derby, HSQLDB, Microsoft SQL Server, and can be extended to additional ones relatively easily. ORMLite also supports native database calls on Android OS. There are also initial implementations for DB2, Oracle, generic ODBC, and Netezza although the author needs access to an instance of each of these databases to tune the support. Contact the author if your database is not supported.

To get started quickly with ORMLite, see section Getting Started. Android users should also look at the Android specific pages. See section Using With Android. You can also take a look at the the examples section of the document which has various working code packages and Android applications. See section Example Code. There is also a PDF version of this documentation.

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