ORMLite Android Example Code

This directory contains example classes for use with ORMLite on the Android OS. For more information about ORMLite, please see the ORMLite home page.

File Description
HelloAndroid.java Sample HelloWorld type class
SimpleData.java Sample class to be persisted
DatabaseHelper.java Sample Android database helper class

Here are some sample applications.

Tar File Latest from Repository Description
HelloAndroid.tar.gz HelloAndroid HelloWorld type app
ClickCounter.tar.gz ClickCounter Counter app
NotifyService.tar.gz NotifyService Notify Service app
HelloAndroidH2.tar.gz HelloAndroidH2 HelloWorld using H2 and JDBC
HelloAndroidNoBase.tar.gz HelloAndroidNoBase HelloWorld Without Using Base classes
HelloAndroidTwoDbs.tar.gz HelloAndroidTwoDbs HelloWorld That Writes to Two Databases

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